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Food Residue Cleaning Scraper

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Food Residue Cleaning Scraper

Scrape all the stubborn gunky residues away using only this multifunctional kitchen cleaning scraper!

This must-have kitchen tool effectively scrapes all cooked-on food grimes and oily stains in a swift without scratching your dishes. Perfect for easily cleaning plates, pots, pans, grilles, turners, spatulas, bowls, griddle, saucepan, braiser, electric stove tops, and such. The scraper also offers a convenient sharp angled feature where you can smoothly remove build up gunks on crevices and corners. Allowing you to thoroughly scrub along your sinks, countertops, tiles and stoves.  

The multifunctional scraper is lightweight and it is also equipped with a non-slip widened handle. Providing you a firm, comfortable gripping even if it's wet and a better maneuverability at all times. Furthermore, it has a convenient hook design for an easy, space-saving storing and quick retrieving. No worries as this kitchenware cleaner is highly non-stick so you can simply hand wash it or put it in the dishwasher after use.        

Make your cooking wares and tableware completely spotless with this multifunctional kitchen cleaning scraper!  


  • Intensive Cleaning
    A spatula-like tool that successfully scrape and shovels even the crusty cooked-on scraps and oily sauces off your pans or plates. Its flat compact size allows it to fit perfectly to different kitchen wares and make cleaning a breeze. Additionally, this scraper has a sharp angle feature which can easily remove every single tough bit from corners and crevices. It is highly flexible and smooth so you can effortlessly clean stuck-on food anytime without scratching your cookware and utensils.   

  • Ergonomic Design
    This innovative scraper is ultra-lightweight and it offers a non-slip widened handle for a secured comfortable hold and ease of use. It also ensures that you can scrape stacks of pots and dishes for long without experiencing any hand strains. Moreover, this cleaning tool is equipped with a hook design so you can quickly hang it anywhere accessible while saving-space. 

  • Wide Application
    The silicone scraper can safely clean grease-rimmed glass, stainless steel, cast iron or non-stick cookwares and tablewares. Suitable for plates, pots, pans, grilles, turners, spatulas, bowls, griddle, saucepan, braiser, electric stove tops, and such. It can be also used to scrape build up gunks through the cracks and corners along your sinks, countertops, tiles and stoves. 

  • Non-Stick Scraper
    This multifunctional tool is built with non-stick materials which offers an easy removal of any food particles left behind. It also does not remain foul odors so it can be simply hand washed with warm water or be stashed through the dishwasher.
  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality PP and TPE material that boasts durability and maximum functionality. It is completely non-toxic and free from harmful edges which guarantees the user’s safety at all times. This kitchen scraper provides an impressive heat resistance that can withstand from up to 230°F without damaging. Furthermore, it is reusable and is great for your everyday scraping and washing. 

  • Material: TPE + PP
  • Size:

  • 1 x Food Residue Cleaning Scraper

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