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Magic Pool Purifying Tablets (100 PCS)

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Magic Pool Purifying Tablets (100 PCS)

Check Out Our Happy Customers' Surprise With How Effective This Magic Pool Purifying Tablets Are!

“Our pool is one of the best relaxation spots in the house, however maintaining it clean is really a pain for me and my husband. We tried some various cleaners and not a single one of them worked well, until we tried this tablets. As its name says, it is really magical and I’m not even exaggerating. Our pool turns from dark to brown then green and finally its crystal clear now in just a matter of 4 weeks of using it. Our kids start diving right into our pool after cleaning, and I’m so happy to say that they don’t experience any irritations and other skin infections while swimming and after. What’s more good about this product is that it comes with a floating dispenser so you don’t have to buy from a separate store. It also contains 100 pieces which is ample enough to purify our standard size pool. I’ve already purchased another one and you should too!”

Nancy Owens ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
47, Oklahoma, Texas

“It’s my third time now in buying this Tablet and I haven’t got any complaints about it. I always host a pool party and often get solo dip especially during summer months so regular cleaning is a must. Thankfully, this product really gets its job done and in just a few weeks I can already see the bottom of my pool in a glance, and that’s how powerful this product’s purifying function is. It’s long-lasting as well and it seriously guards the water from any dirt and algae. It also does not have odors and I can see clearly when I’m swimming with no stinging pain or itchiness from my eyes. This product is a 5/5 for me and I highly recommend it.”

Joshua Dizon ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
26, Taguig, Philippines

How Does The Water From The Pool Make You Sick?

Nothing beats the summer hits than diving into a cool swimming pool, but who would ever jump into a dirty, algae infested one? If you own a pool, you must know how it can get unsanitary and full of infectious diseases overtime. Most recreational water illnesses are caused by water contamination. These infections can be spread just by making contact with the water, swallowing, or breathing in aerosolized mists of germ-containing water. Allowing everyone who got infected to experience stomach bugs, diarrheal infections, skin infections, swimmer's ear, or respiratory infections.  

Every person who swims in a pool constantly releases body fats, sweats and even bacterias that they might have picked up on everywhere. Daily environmental air-contaminants, including, dust, debris, dirts and such are also a big contributor in making the water in your pool filthy. However, even when you do not use the pool, it can still grow germs. Still water causes the gradual build-up of algaes and it also forms when pools have poor water circulation, poor balance in the pH levels, alkalinity, calcium, cyanuric levels and low chlorine levels. 


What Makes Magic Pool Purifying Tablet “Magical”

This tablets are enriched with a powerful, bleach-like chemical compound chlorine and bromine. Both ingredients help in decontaminating the water from a pool by killing off all bacterias and germs. Keeping your swimming space a clean, safe, and a debri-free place to dive on. It can be used in both high and lower water temperatures which is suitable for swimming pools, spa tubs and even fish ponds. It also works in maintaining proper pH level to prevent the pool from containing excessive alkalinity as it reduces the effectiveness of the chlorine.  

In addition, this magical product ensures elimination of algaes, microbes and other living-organism that lurk through the pool. It even offers a long-lasting performance and helps in protecting the water from the harmful UV rays.This pool cleanser efficiently reduces the amount of chemicals being used and is odor free. Providing you an optimum performance and cleanest water that is gentle on all skin-types and won’t bleach any clothes on. All you need is to apply 20-25 tablets per week inside the included floating dispenser and release it to the pool. 

Magic Pool Purifying Tablet’s Key Ingredients:

  • Chlorine - as the chlorine from the tablets touch the water, it effectively spreads evenly throughout the pool to fight off germs in no time. It forms a weak acid called hypochlorous acid that kills bacteria like salmonella, as well as germs that cause viruses such as diarrhea and swimmer's ear Making any pool a safe water spot to swim and have fun in. 

  • Bromine - has the same function as chlorine, to kill up all bacterial build-ups in water. disinfect and sanitize hot tub and spa water. Bromine compounds also create a soft water feel for maximum relaxation.


    Let’s See How Ethan’s Turn His Pool From Yuck to Wow In Just 4 Week!

    Ethan has loved swimming since he was a kid. Now that he is an employed adult, he designed his house with an indoor pool. However, due to a busy schedule he can’t maintain his favorite swimming spot, so he got some “magical” help using this Purifying Tablet. 

    Week 1:

    3 days after I used the tablets and dispenser in my pool and I can already see the difference. From pitch black it turns into a more brownish color which is really surprising! Everyone who sees my filthy pool would think that it can’t be ‘saved’ anymore, but I guess this tablet is really magical to even clean my unused, dirtied pool.

    Week 2-3:

    Second week of using the product and I see some grease-like detergent, I guess? on top of the water and then after another week it becomes greener and wow you don’t know how it baffles me from its fast intensive cleaning. It’s much better than the robotic cleaner ones that I’ve tried before. Oh and it said to use at least 20-25 tablets per week and I only use 20 since my pool is not that big as seen from the photos. I really hope to see more of its magical purifying power!

    Week 4:

    Now no one would believe me if I said that it’s crystal clear now, so the photo I attached is proof for everyone. No more dirty and bacterial infected pool in just 4 weeks! I also dip my hand and boy I don’t know if it’s just me, but it feels more nice in my skin. Rest assured as I don’t experience any itching or redness from my skin. I can now go back to swimming after work for relaxation. Thank you!  

    Ethan Jones, 32, Beverly Hills, California       


    How to Use:

    1. Put 20-25 tablets into the dispenser, cover it by lid.
    2. Place the dispenser in the pool which filled with water, push the dispenser and let it flow throughout the pool. 
    3. Keep above process every week for 4 times.

    7 tablets to 2500 gallons of water per week for standard pool* 

    Product Details:

    • 1 bottle of Magic Pool Purifying Tablets


    • 1 piece of Dispenser

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