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Mini Cutter Set (12PCS)

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Mini Cutter Set (12PCS)

Make mealtimes more fun and give it some extra flair with this fruits and vegetable cutter set!

This set of press cutters can smoothly cut various foods into cute bite-size shapes like heart, star, flower, fish, chic, bear and more. Allowing you to turn even the simplest of homemade dishes into fun, delectable ones. Perfect for encouraging even your picky toddlers to eat more healthily and other foods that they don’t normally like. Try it out to shape your carrots, kiwis, watermelons, melons, cucumbers, potatoes, bananas, or even breads, cookies, hams, cheese and more possibilities.  

The shaped cutters are equipped with a non-slip hand guard for a better press cutting and also to prevent any injuries during use. Additionally, each handle covers are removable so you can easily clean after to eliminate odors and food residues. Made of a non-toxic, durable material that can withstand everyday use without damaging or rusting. Suitable for making a creative breakfast, snacks, bentos, picnics, dinners, fruit salads, bite-sized goodies, party platters or cocktails. 

Impress your loved ones with your whimsical food presentation using this fruits and vegetable shaped cutter set!


  • Fun Shaped Cutters
    A creative set of mini cutters featuring a sharp stainless steel blade that can quickly cut fruits and vegetables in just a press. It comes in a plethora of lovely shapes, including heart, star, flower, fish, chic, bear and so on. Making your meal prep a breeze and a lot more mouth-watering that will definitely be enjoyed by your inner-child and your picky little eaters. You can now encourage your fussy toddlers to eat their veggies and other foods that they don’t normally like. 

  • Ergonomic Hand Guard
    Each shaped cutter offers a non-slip handle that can be grip easily and comfortably for better control. The covers also help to prevent cuts or any hand injuries while using the cutters. Simply place it on top of your food and make sure that it covers the surface then press down to cut into shapes and you’re done.

  • Easy to Clean
    The handy food cutters supply a removable handguard for easy cleaning and drying. It can be hand washed with water and soap or be stashed inside your dishwasher after use to avoid any bacterial buildups. No worries as the cutters have an impressive corrosion resistance so you can use and rinse it daily without rusting.
  • Wide Application
    These different shape cutters are suitable for fruits, vegetables, hams, cheese, cookies and more possibilities. Allowing you to create a delightful cut-out meal for breakfast, snacks, bentos, picnics, dinners, fruit salads, bite-sized goodies, party platters or cocktails. Perfect for your everyday dishes and other occasions such as birthdays, baby showers, parties, field trips, school cooking projects and so on.

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic stainless steel material with polypropylene plastic cover to guarantee its safety for food contact. It boasts an excellent durability and longevity that is ideal for daily use without wearing.


  • Material: Food-Grade Stainless Steel, Plastic
  • Color: Purple / Pink / Red / Green

  • Size: Please refer to the image below


  • 1set of  Mini Cutter Set(12PCS)

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