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Multi-functional Sponge Handle Cleaner

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Multi-functional Sponge Handle Cleaner

Scour your pots and dishes without the unwanted scratches using this multifunctional kitchen cleaning handle brush!

A handy kitchen brush that features a special thickened fiber for a non-scratch deep scrubbing of various surfaces. Removing all stains, cooked-on messes, oily residues and other stubborn dirts in just a simple swipe. It offers an ergonomic striped handle for maximum maneuverability and strength without sustaining strains even after a prolonged use. Suitable for cleaning pots, bowls, cups, glass, dinner plates, grill pan, frying pans, spatulas, and even sinks, bathtubs, toilets, counter tops, tiles, and so on.

The versatile handle brush is non-slip so it can be used easily even with your hands wet. Moreover, it does not retain any odors and keeps bits and pieces from lodging in deeply for an effortless sanitizing after each use. Made of high-quality durable materials with an excellent long-lasting performance without wearing or molding.   

Keep your kitchen sparkling in no time with this multifunctional cleaning handle brush!  


  • Strong Decontamination
    This kitchen brush is designed with a special thickened fiber that thoroughly degunk all tough stains, residues, and other dirt. It can also reach through hard-to-clean areas like corners and edges, leaving not a single remnant behind. Furthermore, the brush can be used with great force without scratching or damaging the surface compared to other products. 

  • Ergonomic Handle
    The cleaning brush is equipped with a comfortable striped handle that can be held with ease by all hand sizes. It also has a non-slip feature that works even with wet palms for an effortless, optimum maneuverability. You can even use it for an extended time and scrub piled up dirty dishes without experiencing strains or fatigue after.

  • Wide Application
    This handy handle brush fiber can perform a non-scratch deep cleaning for pots, bowls, cups, glass, dinner plates, grill pan, frying pans, spatulas, wooden spoon and so on. It is also applicable for scrubbing kitchen sinks, bathtubs, toilet bowls, ovens, counter tops, tiles, cook tops and more possibilities. Suitable for both wet and dry cleaning. 

  • Easy to Clean
    It does not retain distinctive odors or get lodged with food bits so it can be simply sanitized with clean water after each use. Preventing it from contaminating germs and other disease-carrying bacteria. Additionally, it can be stored to your sink caddy or countertops without taking up ample space.

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality polypropylene ergonomic handle and a durable, gentle fiber sponge material. It is completely non-toxic to ensure that no chemicals would leach when you're scrubbing. This cleaning brush does not have sharp edges or a harmful surface to prevent any hand injury during use. It can withstand daily home cleaning without breaking apart or building molds.
  • Material: PP, Sponge fiber 
  • Size: 

  • 1 x Multi-functional Sponge Handle Cleaner

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