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Sphere Whisky Silicone Ice Mold

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Sphere Whisky Silicone Ice Mold
Create the perfect ice sphere with ease to keep your drinks deliciously cool with this non-stick silicone ice ball mold!
This handy ice mold provides a large, smooth-sided ice sphere that keeps your beverages cold for longer without diluting. Saving you from the watery, funny aftertaste that ruins your favorite cocktail mixtures. It features a tight-fitting lid that seals liquids and odors from escaping or entering for a perfect round ice anytime. Furthermore, the lid also has a convenient water outlet that smartly squeezes excess liquids out as you close. Simply pour water in until it meets the fill line, secure the lid cover, chill it and wait for it to form before demolding and done. No worries as the mold is completely non-stick so you can easily release the ice on its tip-top shape at all times.

The ice ball mold is stackable so you pile multiple of it in your freezer for ample ice while still saving up space for other items. It also has a stable base which allows it to be stashed anywhere without constantly slipping or rolling over. Made of quality materials that can withstand years of usage with no damages. Suitable for making flavored ice, infused ice fruits or chilling your cocktails, beers, mojitos, whiskeys, juices, sodas, ice coffees, lemonades, water and such.

Give your favorite cocktails and whiskeys the best long-lasting chill using this non-stick silicone ice ball mold! 


  • Individual Ice Ball Mold
    A sleek spherical ice mold that freezes your water efficiently into a perfect, smooth-sided round globe. It comes with a visible fill line for the proper amount level needed and a water outlet that squeezes the excess out when you seal. Preventing any extra liquids to chill and ruin your ice ball into any odd shape. This silicone mold offers a handled lid and is also highly non-stick so you can easily open and release your ice on tiptop shape anytime.

  • Large and Slow-Melting
    This innovative mold produces a large slow-melting ice sphere that can refresh your drink more and longer than a bunch of cubes. It avoids your beverages from diluting easily and helps in staying it cool without affecting its taste. Moreover, the ice globe can last enough that you can even pour another shot over it and go for a next round of drink.

  • Tight-Fitting Lid
    The ice ball mold features a tight-fitting, leak-proof design which ensures that no liquids or odors could escape or enter. Allowing it to freeze without bubbles, deformation, cracking or creating funny aftertaste to any of your refreshments. Additionally, its secured sealing lid is great for stacking so you can pile up multiple mold to your freezer without taking up much space. This non-stick mold has a flat, translucent bottom for better stability so it won’t roll around anywhere in your freezer.

  • Widely Use
    Add ice to any of your drinks or even use it for making flavored ice or infused ice fruits. Perfect for cocktails, beers, mojitos, whiskeys, juices, sodas, ice coffees, lemonades, water and other refreshments. Suitable when you have parties, holidays, sleepovers, pool parties, get togethers, house bar counter, and such. Providing your drinks a chilled temperature while keeping its original, delicious mixture.

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality, BPA-free polypropylene and silica gel material that boasts excellent durability and longevity. It supplies a superior temperature resistance that can hold out against -20°C up to a maximum 100°C without damaging. The ice ball mold is non-toxic and odorless so you can safely use it everyday with no leaching. 
  • Material: Silicone
  • Capacity: 130ml
  • Size: 

  • 1 x Sphere Whisky Silicone Ice Mold

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