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Tea Separator Bottle

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Tea Separator Bottle
Take your brewing hot tea on the go using this portable tea separation tumbler!

This creative tumbler is designed with a filter, bottle and cup that can efficiently steep loose tea in 2 easy ways without floating residues. Designed with a thickened bottoms so you can stably stand and invert it when you brew and filter. It offers an excellent double-walled glass that can successfully retain the temperature of its contents for longer. No worries as it does not transfer the heat or cold on the external layer to ensure that you won’t get burned when touching the tumbler. Moreover, the container and cup provide a smooth rounded mouth so you can safely drink on each.        

The tea separation bottle comes with an amazing multi-layer leak-proof sealing. Allowing it to be stash inside your bag and get shaken or turned without any spilling. This tea tumbler also has a portable handle so you can easily wrap it around your wrist. Perfect when you want an on-the-go piping hot teas or cold refreshing juices anytime, anywhere. Suitable for travel, commute, camping, hiking, picnics, office, and such. 

Complete your day with a cup of your favorite steeped drink with this portable tea separation tumbler!  


  • Tea Separation Tumbler
    This highly-translucent tumbler features a stainless steel filter, drinking bottle and cup that can be effortlessly combined together. Allowing you to efficiently steep full-leaf loose tea into your portable bottle without any floating residues to your drink. No worries as both the body and cup provide a smooth rounded mouth so you can sip on it without harming your lips.  

  • Two-Way Steeping
    The tea glass offers 2 easy processes for you to extract flavors from your refreshment. Simply put the tea leaves into the cup and fix it with the filter, pour hot water through the bottle container then combine it together with the cup. Invert it to brew then invert it again once steeped to filter and you can now drink through the bottle container! Moreover, you can also put the leaves into the bottle and directly pour the hot water through it to steep so you can drink to the handy cup.     
  • Excellent Insulation  
    Offers a splendid double-walled borosilicate glass for an effective hot and cold insulation performance. It can retain the temperature of its contents even for an extended time. This tea separation bottle is anti-scalding so it does not transfer the heat from the external glass. Saving you from the nasty burns or even frost burn when you touch the filled bottle. Suitable for your hot green teas, oolong teas, chai teas, white teas or your refreshing juices.
  • Leak-Proof Design
    Designed with an impressive multi-layer silicone sealing. Preventing your freshly steeped beverage from leaking even when it's placed upside down or gets shaken. You can stash it inside your backpacks, handbags or totes without it spilling and damaging your bag’s contents. Additionally, the infusion tumbler has a thickened glass bottom which allows it to stand stably on any flat surfaces.   

  • Travel-Friendly Tea Bottle
    Equipped with a convenient portable handle so you can easily hold or wrap it around your wrist. It also has a capacity of 450ml which can satisfy your daily dose of tea without the need of constant refilling. Making it a perfect on-the-go tea bottle ideal for travel, commute, camping, hiking, picnics, office, and so on. You can now enjoy piping hot brewed teas or cold sparkling juices anytime, anywhere.

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality BPA-free double wall borosilicate glass with an excellent thermal shock resistance. It can withstand extreme and rapid temperature changes of water from -20°C up to 130℃ without cracking. Furthermore, it is completely odorless so it can steep and preserve your tea's natural flavor. The tumbler can be easily cleaned without forming corrosion. 


  • Size: 64 x 230mm
  • Color: Black / Beige / Silver
  • Net Capacity: 450ml


  • 1 x Tea Separator Bottle

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